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Reliance Aerotech is an active investor in North American aerospace companies. Founded in 1998, we have achieved significant returns on investment by targeting strategic niches and accelerating growth through the provision of value added services. Our corporate team is driven by the objective of helping good companies become better.

Below is a list of our active and realized investments.

Navhouse Corporation – Active
Founded in 1995, Navhouse is the independent leader in the repair and
overhaul of inertial navigation units and systems for commercial, business
and military aircraft as well as navy vessels and army land vehicles.
Navhouse supplies and provides maintenance, repair and overhaul services for
navigation systems and sub-assemblies including, INUs, CDUs, MSUs, inertial
platforms, gyros and accelerometers, to Level IV standard. The Company is
an Approved Maintenance Organization, licensed by Transport Canada, the
Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency,
with avionics and instrument certification and is certified to ISO 9000:2000
and SAE AS9100B.
Visit the Navhouse Corporation Website

Reliance Aerotech Services - Active
Reliance Aerotech Services is an innovator in the provision of outsourced maintenance personnel and integration solutions for the aviation industry. Reliance Aerotech has provided the Services management team with strategic marketing services helping to create industry leading initiatives such as an industry leading employment center, total value assessment program and annual industry surveys.
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Celsius Aerotech - Realized
Celsius Aerotech was the leader among independent regional commercial aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities in North America. Reliance Aerotech led the management team in renewing their strategic focus, strengthening communications and building the brand in the marketplace. The results from this effort were a turnaround in on-time performance with 100% on-time delivery of heavy maintenance projects, no layoffs following the events of Sept 11th and a tripling of the backlog as the company started 2002. Celsius was divested to Embraer who was seeking a flagship MRO operation for their growing fleet of regional aircraft.

Furst Aircraft - Realized
Furst Aircraft was the reputation leader for quality and reliability in corporate aircraft instrumentation repair and overhaul (R&O) under Reliance Aerotech’s ownership. Located at the Teterboro Airport, Reliance Aerotech worked with the Furst management team to develop a new strategic business plan that strengthened the Furst brand in the marketplace and focused the sales team. Furst Aircraft was divested to the Triumph Group who was seeking a leading east coast R&O facility for their aftermarket group.


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